Days 8 & 9

Doug and I spent the weekend with my dad and step mom who made the 6 hour trek from Santa Cruz to see us.  We did some sightseeing, ate like kings (literally. I wore a crown), and just enjoyed our time together.

We drove up to the Getty Villa on Saturday.  When I was little, I used to hate that my dad took soooo long in museums.  He literally reads every plaque on the wall.  Now that I'm older, I love it.  The fact that he reads everything combined with the fact that he pretty much knows everything anyway is awesome.  I can quickly walk through a room and then just stand around chatting with my step mom until my dad comes over and gives us the highlights.

This challenge has made me realize that mixing textures makes an outfit much more interesting.  Whether it is a stripe, a pattern, or just fabric that has an interesting appearance, I want to focus my shopping in the future on items that aren't just a flat cotton in a solid color... Not that I'm planning my future shopping trips already...  

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