Day 1

Every month or so we do what is called "old school" youth group with our high school students.  Instead of meeting at the church, we meet in our small groups the WHOLE night and do something fun together.  Doug had his boys over for a poker night.  He was concerned that some of the parents might have a problem with their high school youth leader introducing to the big, bad world of gambling, but he decided to live dangerously.  The winner got a King Size box of Whoppers.

I went to one of my girls house for jacuzzi/game night.  This quickly turned into a dance party to the tune of mostly Lady Gaga (my girls are obsessed) that lasted about 2 hours.  I'm pooped.  But I did learn some sweet new moves including the "Dougie" and the "Spongebob."


  1. Love the pop of color!

  2. Love your shoes! Your picks for the remix are great. Looking forward to seeing the sweater with the gold shoulders! Very fab!!