A little bit of cheating?

When I selected my items for my 30 x30, I sort of forgot that I was going to be spending two weekends in the snow in February.  This weekend, obvies, is Winter Camp, and Doug and I are going up to Mammoth for a little romantic (or hard core shredding) ski trip next weekend.  So, I've decided on my 30th item.

Meet my Ugg-lies.  They might not be the cutest kicks around, but man, oh man, are they perfect for a weekend in the snow.

And while we're on the subject...this is a little bit awkward...would you mind if I switched out one of my items?  See... the brown blazer that I picked...  It doesn't really look good with anything.  I probably should have tried it on before I threw it into my mix.  It just seemed like it had such good potential.  So, I'm thinking: I would like to change it out for a comfy sweatshirt to wear while I'm up in the mountains.  I may not be able to take too many pictures while I'm up there, but I promise to keep up on the challenge.  Except of course for the themed dress up nights.  That's the time to go crazy.  Crazy, I tell you.

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