A Second Chance

Remember this outfit?

Well, as you know, I wasn't super excited about the way it turned out.  After reviewing the pictures with disgust (ok fine... "disgust" might be too harsh of a word), I reached a crossroads: solemnly swear never to wear any of those articles of clothing together again OR give the outfit a second chance: Keep the good aspects of the outfit, get rid of the bad parts, and make a super-outfit of sorts.  With that, I am pleased to announce that I am beginning a new feature on my blog called Second Chance Saturdays.  

A re-styling of an old outfit.  I will be picking an outfit that I liked in my head but didn't makes it's way to my body as nicely.

My clothes!  And anyone else who wants to participate.  Send me a message if you would like to link up.

Saturdays.  Because I love Saturdays.  And because they begin with the same letter as "second."  See what I did there?

Three reasons:

1. I believe in second chances.  Outfits are no exception.

2. Clothes are my art, and I would like to find a way to continue incorporating my personal style (and hopefully Doug's too!) into my blog after my 30 x 30 challenge is over.

3. Doug and I are still serious about our budgeting, and this will be my way of continuing to "remix" my clothes.  I just will be able to use my whole closet.  Awesome.

Visit me tomorrow to see my first Second Chance Saturday!

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