Recap: Days 21-30

I'm not going to lie, having my whole closet available when choosing an outfit is kind of stressing me out.  It almost feels like there are too many options.  I really enjoyed doing the 30 x 30 with the exception of taking a picture of myself everyday.  Embarrassing.

Here's what I learned:
  1. Spend the extra 30 seconds to accessorize your outfit.  I have a big tub filled with accessories and two drawers filled with scarfs that I hardly ever use.  I've been trying to add at least two accessories before I leave the house.  It adds polish to a look and makes you look put together.
  2. Texture, pattern, and color are key to a stylish wardrobe.  Layering them is even better.
  3. I tend to keep my articles of clothing in a "box." Example: a certain top only gets worn with a specific pair of pants.  Force yourself to try things in a new way.  Don't (necessarily) throw away something just because you feel like it's out of style.  It may still be a good layering piece, or it may look new if you pair it with something else.
  4. When shopping for clothes, try to think of at least three ways you could wear the article of clothing using items already in your closet.  If you can't, you probably won't wear it more than once every few months.
I learned other things too, but that's probably enough for now.  Second Chance Saturday will resume next week.  I just can't convince my camera (or my husband) to take any more outfit pictures at the moment.

Doug and I are going shopping today!  We will be shopping mostly for a few birthday presents and bridal shower gifts, but I am also dying to replace these:

Gross, huh?  And want to know something grosser?  This picture was taken last in a year ago.  And I still wear them all the time.

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